Hope till Eternity I (Series) by BaberAfzal

I am proud to announce that my new series “Hope till Eternity” is finally up for viewing!

A series that I created with infrared in the Dubai desert. To learn more about this new series, head over to my blog below to see the rest of the set too!


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Tale of a fish by vanillaswan

Grandpa by DrakSpirit

I thought this scene was interesting when I saw my grandpa sleeping near the window.
I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the moment.
Fortunatly i had my camera, so…It was time to take a picture now!
© DrakSpirit. All rights reserved.

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b&w by mic2012

And now I have a summer break 🙂

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Surrounded By Sand by caseymac

Somehow I’ve lived in Colorado for over 4 years and have never made it to check out the Great Sand Dunes. Inspired by social network posts from three photographers who’s work I greatly respect, I decided to finally venture down to check it out myself.

Knowing that light creates nice shadows in the afternoon, I wanted to capture a high contrast image in black and white. I figured the difficult part, though, would be getting a hiker into the frame to show a sense of scale. After setting up my composition and waiting for a few minutes for someone to walk through, I decided to take things into my own hands. I plugged in my timer remote to my 1DX and set up a timelapse to capture 1 shot every 3 seconds and walked up the hill myself. The nice contrasting spot is 200-300 yards away from my camera. The best part about using myself as a model is I know exactly what body position I’m looking to get and I don’t get annoyed when a photographer asks me to do it over and over until it’s right 🙂

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Golden clock in front of Flatiron building by spikerbagger by spikerbagger

Guimera by Reinante by Reinante

next generation by Thomas_Dernoir by Thomas_Dernoir


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Clouds in the water by StefanKierek by StefanKierek

Up in the sky by aleollag by aleollag

– view on black –

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