The Essence of New Zealand by jessesummers

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Yoga By The Honey Moon by markg

Friday the 13th and a rare ‘honey moon’ rises. This event won’t happen again until 13 October 2049, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to capture a friend of mine practicing some yoga in front of the moonrise.

This is a single exposure photograph shot with a 600mm lens plus a 1.4x extender.

copyright 2014 | Mark Gee |

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Moeraki Boulders by tarikalturki

Revelation by williampatino

A moment of gold and rain in New Zealands Southern Alps.

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Nocturne by jessesummers

I really like iconic lone trees, and this is no exception. Before leaving Wanaka for good I wanted to capture this tree correctly. Tree at 19mm and milky way at 16mm with the camera rotated about 30 degrees (to minimize wide angle induced warp). The colors are very hard to get right at this location, hopefully this turned out naturally enough. Available for your home here:

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