#photographersontumblr #landscape #autumn #photoframes #fallcolor #dorsetlookout #haliburton #cottagelife #ontario #canada

#photographersontumblr #landscape #autumn #photoframes #fallcolor #dorsetlookout #haliburton #cottagelife #ontario #canada
photographersontumblr landscape autumn photoframes fallcolor dorsetlookout haliburton cottagelife ontario canada

Deliverance by RavenMountain

Now don’t go thinking about banjos and Burt Reynolds. I’m talking about deliverance from the hectic life to pure peace and tranquility!

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The Never Ending Journey by WildMoments

Probably my favorite image from my autumn trip to the Great Smoky Mountains captured from the TN_NC border in 2014. The Smoky Mountains are part of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachian Mountain chain. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one! Thank you!

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Halloween Forest by kilianschoenberger

L A N D S C A P E P H O T O G R A P H Y facebook

Today in the morning I involuntary plundered right into a struggle between these two tree ghosts. The trees have eyes. Sometimes it’s really scary out there in the woods with those gnarled trees around shrouded by fog and dimly lit by the twilight of the dawn

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Lost in Iceland by XavierJamonet

Lost in the highlands mountains of iceland during my last workshop, far from any other human presence…

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Website : Ecrins de Lumiere

© Xavier Jamonet

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” Autumn Time ” by JuanPavon

Thanks for your time

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Into the wild by FredBucheton

waterfall in Torres del Paine National Park
*Please view on black*

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Lord of Autumn by efossati

Old beech in a foggy morning in the hearth of the forest.
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Fall by MAPhoto

After a 3-hour rock-hopping and steep brush-crawling effort in the dark to bring some friends up to this unique vantage point of Fitz Roy Peak on this morning we were treated to an even more unique event, which occurred in the first five minutes of sunrise: The glacier in the distance frequently avalanches into the lake, dropping roaring icefalls and bergs into the water more than 2000 feet below and such an event happened to come along on this morning right in the middle of our shoot, looking much like a waterfall cascading into the lake at anything short of the highest resolutions. The Icefall added an even more dreamlike quality to this spectacular landscape.

After all the Patagonia shots these last few weeks following the fall colors down there, I was glad to have such an unusual capture.

Admittedly there was more than a small amount of post-production to get the sky and atmosphere in back of this image, something I am generally more reserved with, but here I really felt the rare scene could benefit from a few extra touches, just to be forthcoming.

Everything else in the scene comes from a single exposure at f/20.

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Payette Morning by scottyperkins

Morning light hits fall color in the Payette River near Garden Valley, Idaho.

Please view on black.

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