Space Contact .. !! by mobeenmazhar

Astrophotography and light painting in Salmi Desert, Kuwait

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Hope till Eternity I (Series) by BaberAfzal

I am proud to announce that my new series “Hope till Eternity” is finally up for viewing!

A series that I created with infrared in the Dubai desert. To learn more about this new series, head over to my blog below to see the rest of the set too!

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Magic Mushrooms by projas

From a trip my friend David Thompson and I took to the remote badlands of New Mexico last April.
I had spotted this formation on a trip the previous year, but was unable to get to it due to the fact that I got caught in a thunderstorm and found myself up to my ankles in cement-like mud. It was a spot we had always dreamed of photographing ever since seeing the amazing works of Cecil Whitt.
So, I made it a point to check it out the next time I visited, and this is what we came upon. It was a crazy sunset, and as the light developed, we began running around like kids in a candy store, trying to get as many shots as possible. It just kept getting better and better and we probably shot for almost an hour. At the end of it all, we were exhausted but ecstatic with what we had just seen. Being so remote, there was nobody else there, so in a way, it felt like a privilege to have witnessed such an amazing display of light.

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Nocturne of Shadow by alexnoriega

Twilight falls on the curvaceous sand dunes of Death Valley, California.

I’ve been wanting to get back here to make images like this since my last (completely unproductive) visit three or four years ago. My month-long trip is nearing its end, and I’ve got many new images coming, but this may end up being my favorite. I’ve had mostly zero skies to speak of on the southwestern leg of my autumn travels, but that’s actually advantageous for images like this. It helps not to be distracted by an explosive sky and tempted to put on a wide-angle lens, when focusing on more intimate telephoto compositions. The light on these dunes is simply magical when the sun is low on the horizon.

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Lost in Iceland by XavierJamonet

Lost in the highlands mountains of iceland during my last workshop, far from any other human presence…

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© Xavier Jamonet

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Convergence by KurtBudliger

Dead Horse Point SP, Utah

Happy Cinco de Mayo! This is from my trip to the southwest last month. It’s probably my favorite image from the past several months. Everything just seemed to line up perfectly, both literally and figuratively.

Getting geared up to head out to the PNW on Thursday for my annual Olympic National Park Workshop. Looking forward to getting my feet wet in the Pacific again.

As always thanks for taking a peek and hope everyone is getting out to enjoy some spring weather.

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Desert Sandstone Glow by TonySpencer

Running around like a crazy person shooting three or four comps as fast as I could seemed to have worked for a change. Light in the desert this far south doesn’t last long normally, the clouds were so high on this evening that they stayed lit up for the best part of 30 minutes with that lovely balanced light bouncing around the red sandstone for just as long.

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Traveller by annagibiskys

One of my favorite shots from Sahara desert. Little traveler on the left perfectly shows the grandeur and vastness of this amazing desert.

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water from stone by MWWphotography

The Paria Canyon – Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Cliffs Area contains some of the most other-worldly landscapes one could imagine. It takes a bit of doing to find your way back in here as the sand tracks are largely unmarked and any services are non-existent. But the reward for the effort is awe-inspiring. I’ll never forget the night a spent here sleeping on the desert floor under the Milky Way.

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Candyland by matt-anderson

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