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#winter #winterismyfavouriteseason #faveseason #frost #snow #cold #trees #nature #landscape #christmas #Canada #JackFrost #beauty #mine #me #myphoto #iphonography #iPhone #gay #follow #reblog #Sky #Calgary #hoarFrost #Santa #santaclaus #alliwantforchristmasisyou #mariahcarey #festive
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an evening at crater lake (maroon bells, colorado) by maxvuong

Took this sucker in 2013 and been letting it marinate for a bit. Probably the most dramatic sunset I had during my 2 weeks in Colorado. My goal this year is to process more so that’s what I’m doing.

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Lost in Iceland by XavierJamonet

Lost in the highlands mountains of iceland during my last workshop, far from any other human presence…

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© Xavier Jamonet

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Trillium Chopped Down by eyeofalens

Trillium Chopped Down ( please view on Black for optimal Pop! )
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I couldn’t return to Oregon & not venture to Trillium again.
Most images from here are taken back further & the wider view of the lake, but quite frankly thats been done so many times it just doesn’t do it for me . Sure there are some elements in this id rather not have & could clone out, but would rather show it as it is.
Now this tree which I’m assuming was NOT done by the park services, as I simply cant imagine them chopping it like this & just leaving it. So either it was pure vanadalsim or perhaps a photographer thought it would make for a good added foreground ( No I did not chop it down ) but made use of it ! even sat on it at one point to just suck it all in.
I have managed to capture Mt Hood this time from a number of locations & one in particular I’m excited about as I don’t believe I have ever seen an image captured from before.

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Night in the Dolomites II by Rericha

Photos from the winter Dolomites.

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Still in Chill by zanve

Pale di San Martino – Dolomites – Italy

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Reconciliation by davidrichterphoto

For too long the winter has been holding out this year to make a strong comeback this past weekend with temperatures deep into the arctic range. On the crest of the Ore Mountains, the sun was able to burn off the heavy fog for short periods of time. Fortunately, I found myself in a birch forest dotted with small beech trees and the occasional spruce and fir, all covered in a thick layer of rime ice.

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For Eternity by MAPhoto

We have said, that as photographers, we are artists. But art is not simply about what is captured. Art is about what is spoken. What is spoken comes from within. It evokes a connection with an idea, or a subject, or even a mood. And in that connection somewhere there must be a bond that runs deeper than simply what is before us at that moment. It must be unique to us. I feel the best images, this art, must speak from what is inside ourselves first. This image is about what I want to believe in. Here I saw clarity and strength in times of turbulence and unknown. I wanted to make an image that captured this feeling.

This is from Patagonia. Cerro Grande peak with lenticular wave clouds and blowing snow. A Condor rides the wind free from it all.

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Low tide by wimlassche

Portland South Waterfront At Sunset by jplphotographypdx by jplphotographypdx

Portland Oregon South Waterfront with Ross Island Bridge Mount Hood Along Willamette River during Alpenglow Sunset

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