Lines III by barenstaden

The last time I was here the weather was really bad, and the final results was really crappy. So yesterday I took my dad with me and went for another try 🙂

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Space Contact .. !! by mobeenmazhar

Astrophotography and light painting in Salmi Desert, Kuwait

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Hope till Eternity I (Series) by BaberAfzal

I am proud to announce that my new series “Hope till Eternity” is finally up for viewing!

A series that I created with infrared in the Dubai desert. To learn more about this new series, head over to my blog below to see the rest of the set too!

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~Hole in the sky~ by wigH

*An epic morning-14-1-15*

The title for this one i have stolen from one of my Black sabbath favorite songs \m/

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You will have the best experience if you are watching this with black background.


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Dragon Flame by ilhan1077

San Marino – Guaita Fortress

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Blue Velvet by martas

Story of Rapunzel by ilhan1077

Germany – Neuschwanstein casttle
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… by gecdra

Glacial Crystals by PatrickMarsonOng

One of those sweet-sweet morning in Jökulsárlón’s Ice Beach, Iceland. These ice crystals are formed when huge chunks of glaciers are washed out from the lagoon and bombarded by the roaring sea. During low tides, these glacial ice sit calmly along the shore where one can appreciate their complexities. Truly a sight to behold. It’s the one place that you must not miss when visiting Iceland.

Want to visit Iceland? Check out for their upcoming midnight sun and winter tours! Cheers!

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Lost in Iceland by XavierJamonet

Lost in the highlands mountains of iceland during my last workshop, far from any other human presence…

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© Xavier Jamonet

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