Looking back on a promise by wilcowesterduin

The stairways up to the chapel of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe on the Basque coast (Kostaldea) near Bilbao. In a soft sunset light i was finally able to look back on my promise to climb up this magical place! Please see it black, press “H” and “M”.

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The dorsal fin by inakibolumburu

Volviendo al paisaje y al salitre…

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Another sleepless night in Haukland beach by AlfredoCostanzo

Haukland beach in Lofoten has been voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Norway, and how can you argue against that vote after witnessing a northern lights here. During visiting of the beach in afternoon , I noticed, that the waves make a small pools in the rocks, and thought , favourite from the moonlight too, it could be a nice foreground for a northern lights shot. I hope you likeeit …
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Cold hats by andreireinol

Who said we didn’t have winter?
There was one morning that certainly looked like winter!
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Maldives beach by bobo43

Empty hammock between palm trees on tropical beach in Maldives

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Maldives beach by bobo43

Empty hammock between palm trees on tropical beach in Maldives

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Stokksnes 9 a.m. (II) by Carlosmacr

When i traveled 2 years ago to Iceland, there was one night when i didn’t plan anything special, as the place where we were sleeping was still far from the Jokulsarlon and travelling with family was not the perfect time to drive alone 200 km during the night. So i when driving to the hostel i saw in the road a sign where written Stokksnes. So next day, before sunrise i drove to that place which i though was very unknown as i had not read anything about it before the trip. 🙂 Once there i was completely alone and the place really amazing. When i finished the trip and came back home i could see that i was completely wrong as i started to see in 500px, almost everyday, a shot from this location. I am happy i decided in the last minute to visit this fantastic location, not far from the city where we were sleeping, in Höfn. Just wonder what would be if i had came to this place in the night, when we could see clear northern lights from Höfn 🙂

Thanks for your visits and wish you all a nice weekend


Cuando visité hace dos años Islandia con mi familia llevaba todo muy planeado. Todo salvo la noche o el amanecer de la noche que pasariamos en Höfn. Al ir con familia me daba cosa conducir solo hasta Jokulsarlon durante la noche, ya que estaba a cierta distancia. Pero conduciendo de camino a Höfn vi unos km antes una indicación a Stokksmes, lo que pensaba que sería una localización poco conocida.
Me fui para allá al amanecer y no encontré a nadie, por lo que me reafirmé en que era un sitio desconocido, lo cual me extrañaba por la belleza del lugar.
Al volver de viaje me di cuenta de que estaba completamente equivocado. Aunque no fuera una de las paradas típicas para los turistas, estaba claro que sí lo era para muchos fotógrafos, pues raro era el dia en que no veía en 500px una foto del lugar. :-))

Sólo me preguntó lo bonito que podría haber sido de haber visitado el lugar pocas horas antes, de noche, ya que esa misma noche pudimos ver en Höfn, pese a haber cierta contaminación lumínica, las auroras boreales.
Gracias por tu visita y que pasen todos un buen fin de semana 🙂

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