Wintertime Love by LiorY

I got the title from “The doors” song. I think it fits well.

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Svolvær,Norway by iJS

The port town of Svolvær is as busy as it gets on Lofoten. The town once sprawled across a series of skerries, but the in-between spaces are being filled in to create a reclaimed peninsula. Although the setting is beautiful with a backdrop of high mountains, the hotch-potch of modern buildings clutter things somewhat.
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~Hole in the sky~ by wigH

*An epic morning-14-1-15*

The title for this one i have stolen from one of my Black sabbath favorite songs \m/

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Dragon Flame by ilhan1077

San Marino – Guaita Fortress

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Home Within the Hills by BrandtM

Early morning scene in the Palouse Hills.

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14,505 by alexnoriega

2015 Autumn in Olympic Tour with Alex Mody
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Here’s another new image – a telephoto view of Mount Whitney, California during a stormy sunrise. Whitney is the tallest peak in the lower 48 states, at 14,505 feet.

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Glacial Crystals by PatrickMarsonOng

One of those sweet-sweet morning in Jökulsárlón’s Ice Beach, Iceland. These ice crystals are formed when huge chunks of glaciers are washed out from the lagoon and bombarded by the roaring sea. During low tides, these glacial ice sit calmly along the shore where one can appreciate their complexities. Truly a sight to behold. It’s the one place that you must not miss when visiting Iceland.

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The Forest’s Awakening – 森の覚醒 by EliaLocardi

There’s nothing better than spending a morning all alone in the Sagano Bamboo Forest near Kyoto, listening to the soft rustling sounds of tall stalks and leaves as the sway gently in the breeze. On a clear morning, the light shines brilliantly though the tangle of beautiful green, making the forest seem as though it’s illuminated from within. It’s a truly extraordinary place to be.

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Cerro Crystal … by YannQ

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Cold hats by andreireinol

Who said we didn’t have winter?
There was one morning that certainly looked like winter!
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