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#winter #winterismyfavouriteseason #faveseason #frost #snow #cold #trees #nature #landscape #christmas #Canada #JackFrost #beauty #mine #me #myphoto #iphonography #iPhone #gay #follow #reblog #Sky #Calgary #hoarFrost #Santa #santaclaus #alliwantforchristmasisyou #mariahcarey #festive
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Winter Geothermal Medley by RonCoscorrosa

Note: This photograph is best viewed with your eyes. Also, with a calibrated monitor (and even then, sRGB does the blues no favors – trust me, it looks better in a larger colorspace).

Anyway, my wife and fellow photographer Sarah Marino have decided to consolidate all of our photography websites (4 total!) together into one spot: http://ift.tt/1u8Vvkn, including our photo portfolios, blogs, and e-books. I have also put my Best of 2014 blog post on there, which includes this photo, taken almost a year ago in Yellowstone National Park.

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Kong vinter by FelixInden

The title means “king winter” in Norwegian.
Shot on Austvagoy, Lofoten islands in Norway
Click for information:Aurora borealis photography workshop on Lofoten
Guides are Stian Klo and Felix Inden 🙂
Featuring LucrOit Filterholders and Formatt Hitech Filters
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Order fine art prints via info@felixinden.com

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Glacial Crystals by PatrickMarsonOng

One of those sweet-sweet morning in Jökulsárlón’s Ice Beach, Iceland. These ice crystals are formed when huge chunks of glaciers are washed out from the lagoon and bombarded by the roaring sea. During low tides, these glacial ice sit calmly along the shore where one can appreciate their complexities. Truly a sight to behold. It’s the one place that you must not miss when visiting Iceland.

Want to visit Iceland? Check out http://ift.tt/161CjZy for their upcoming midnight sun and winter tours! Cheers!

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Cold hats by andreireinol

Who said we didn’t have winter?
There was one morning that certainly looked like winter!
How i made this picture, more about me, be part of my latest posts – welcome to my

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Ice Study by Henry_Liu

Please view on black. Thanks!

A self-portrait of me studying ice on frozen Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, about one hour after sunset.

Focus stacking for full depth sharpness. (6 F/2.8 shots)

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Night in the Dolomites II by Rericha

Photos from the winter Dolomites.

“Click on the image! Better on black”

www.danielrericha.cz | My FB Page

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Himalayan Melt by pjvanschalkwyk1985

While staying in the village of Namrung along the Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal, I decided to go explore along the Buddhi Gandaki river in the early morning. I only had limited time, since we had to start our trek to the next village at around 08:00 AM , but I was lucky to find this composition in a rush.The color of the water up here is so vibrant, and seeing it while the sun was hitting the mountains in the distance was an awesome sight. Reports of the recent earthquake damage is slowly pouring in from this remote area. The people along the Manaslu and Tsum valleys are dealing with unknown death tolls, landslides and face hunger with limited clean water. Please help Nepal by donating to a reputable relief organisation when you have the chance.The damage and pain these people are facing is truly incomprehensible.

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Still in Chill by zanve

Pale di San Martino – Dolomites – Italy

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Reconciliation by davidrichterphoto

For too long the winter has been holding out this year to make a strong comeback this past weekend with temperatures deep into the arctic range. On the crest of the Ore Mountains, the sun was able to burn off the heavy fog for short periods of time. Fortunately, I found myself in a birch forest dotted with small beech trees and the occasional spruce and fir, all covered in a thick layer of rime ice.

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