Lines III by barenstaden

The last time I was here the weather was really bad, and the final results was really crappy. So yesterday I took my dad with me and went for another try 🙂

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Night Rumble by PedroQuintela1

My today´s image is a tribute to Jules Verne. When I was shooting this self-portrait during the night, I felt like a character in his fantasy books. For many of us who had the luck to grow-up in the non internet era, books were a source of enlightenment.

This single exposure was real heartache to edit because I only have LR. It was made during a fantastic evening up in the mountain of Monsanto, within it´s characteristic bowler area. When I saw the angle I knew it had to be done. With the help of my buddie Guilherme we managed to keep me in frame and had the Milky Way as well. It was a great challenge, because i wanted to have my headlamp connected to gave me that “explorer” look.

And funny things happened as well, because when you´re up there in the middle of the night, a simple breeze on the vegetation or the camera strap hitting the backpack seems like someone or something is there. And since we where not very far from an abandoned 12 th century church with a lot of graves engraved on the floor outside well it was… creepy.

As always I send you my best wishes and thanks for all the support I receive. Happy shooting!

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Space Contact .. !! by mobeenmazhar

Astrophotography and light painting in Salmi Desert, Kuwait

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Looking back on a promise by wilcowesterduin

The stairways up to the chapel of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe on the Basque coast (Kostaldea) near Bilbao. In a soft sunset light i was finally able to look back on my promise to climb up this magical place! Please see it black, press “H” and “M”.

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~Hole in the sky~ by wigH

*An epic morning-14-1-15*

The title for this one i have stolen from one of my Black sabbath favorite songs \m/

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Little Church in the Sea by Guy_Havell

Tiny 12th century church perched on a tiny island off the coast of Angelsey, Wales. Photographed in a single long exposure of 4 minutes with an Alpa 12 technical camera / Phase One digital back / Rodenstock lens. July 2013.

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The Moses Moment by tchebotarev

When travelling with such great guys like Iurie Belegurschi and Slava Mylnikov, you get to have a little fun while shooting landscapes. Here, Iurie poses as a Moses at Gullfoss, one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland. At least it shows you some scale of things in Iceland!

PS: It’s May 4th and there’s a bunch of snow outside and -2C. Welcome to Icelandic spring!

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Benijo by JoseHervas

Amazing beach of Tenerife “Benijo”

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On Tour Mode by cresendephotography

The first visit of my new SLR to Vasco da Gama Bridge to test long exposures and show her the way.

Filtres Used:
100 Lucroit Filter Holder + NISI F-Stopper PRO ( 10 stops ) + Lee GND 0.9 HE

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Clouds Descending by Like_He

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Taken at Canal Park, Duluth, Minnesota, USA.

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful Sunday!

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