Storm by jeavonstom2

This is a black and white version of a photo that I took a while ago. It is of the Naval College in Greenwich in the middle of a downpour.

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Grandpa by DrakSpirit

I thought this scene was interesting when I saw my grandpa sleeping near the window.
I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the moment.
Fortunatly i had my camera, so…It was time to take a picture now!
© DrakSpirit. All rights reserved.

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Silent by MamdoohAlsaleh


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Little Church in the Sea by Guy_Havell

Tiny 12th century church perched on a tiny island off the coast of Angelsey, Wales. Photographed in a single long exposure of 4 minutes with an Alpa 12 technical camera / Phase One digital back / Rodenstock lens. July 2013.

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Clouds Descending by Like_He

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Taken at Canal Park, Duluth, Minnesota, USA.

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful Sunday!

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Among gods by pulaw89

Waterfall of Gods, part of my black and white image series “Between the darkness and the light”

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Guidance. by Meidany

This is a Great Location on Lido Of Venice i i was a hard work walking to the point but when you get there you going to love the place .is not typical Venice spot .i was checking the weather for a week to be good for LE black and white and finally the day arrived .

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Vietnam by Sandralesvigne

Vue d’en Haut Vietnam 2015

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Surrounded By Sand by caseymac

Somehow I’ve lived in Colorado for over 4 years and have never made it to check out the Great Sand Dunes. Inspired by social network posts from three photographers who’s work I greatly respect, I decided to finally venture down to check it out myself.

Knowing that light creates nice shadows in the afternoon, I wanted to capture a high contrast image in black and white. I figured the difficult part, though, would be getting a hiker into the frame to show a sense of scale. After setting up my composition and waiting for a few minutes for someone to walk through, I decided to take things into my own hands. I plugged in my timer remote to my 1DX and set up a timelapse to capture 1 shot every 3 seconds and walked up the hill myself. The nice contrasting spot is 200-300 yards away from my camera. The best part about using myself as a model is I know exactly what body position I’m looking to get and I don’t get annoyed when a photographer asks me to do it over and over until it’s right đŸ™‚

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Transcendence II by charlesazzopardi

Life is an uphill incline. The learning curve is steep, the path to the apex is never without obstacle, thwarted every step of the way. It may be stepped, curved or straight, but one has to keep aiming to reach ever higher, the shining pinnacle of the top, the summit.

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