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#rockies #rockymountains #canada #alberta #bc #mountains #mountain #lake #lakes #water #landscapes #landscape #landscapephotography #photography #photographersontumblr #photo #pics #pic #rain #sky #beauty #outdoors #explore #roadtrip #nature #wilderness #wander
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Hope till Eternity I (Series) by BaberAfzal

I am proud to announce that my new series “Hope till Eternity” is finally up for viewing!

A series that I created with infrared in the Dubai desert. To learn more about this new series, head over to my blog below to see the rest of the set too!


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~Hole in the sky~ by wigH

*An epic morning-14-1-15*

The title for this one i have stolen from one of my Black sabbath favorite songs \m/

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You will have the best experience if you are watching this with black background.


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Fishing in The Mist by GaryRandall

A sunrise a Trillium Lake with Mount Hood in the background.

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Little Church in the Sea by Guy_Havell

Tiny 12th century church perched on a tiny island off the coast of Angelsey, Wales. Photographed in a single long exposure of 4 minutes with an Alpa 12 technical camera / Phase One digital back / Rodenstock lens. July 2013.

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Himalayan Melt by pjvanschalkwyk1985

While staying in the village of Namrung along the Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal, I decided to go explore along the Buddhi Gandaki river in the early morning. I only had limited time, since we had to start our trek to the next village at around 08:00 AM , but I was lucky to find this composition in a rush.The color of the water up here is so vibrant, and seeing it while the sun was hitting the mountains in the distance was an awesome sight. Reports of the recent earthquake damage is slowly pouring in from this remote area. The people along the Manaslu and Tsum valleys are dealing with unknown death tolls, landslides and face hunger with limited clean water. Please help Nepal by donating to a reputable relief organisation when you have the chance.The damage and pain these people are facing is truly incomprehensible.

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The Moses Moment by tchebotarev

When travelling with such great guys like Iurie Belegurschi and Slava Mylnikov, you get to have a little fun while shooting landscapes. Here, Iurie poses as a Moses at Gullfoss, one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland. At least it shows you some scale of things in Iceland!

PS: It’s May 4th and there’s a bunch of snow outside and -2C. Welcome to Icelandic spring!

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On Tour Mode by cresendephotography

The first visit of my new SLR to Vasco da Gama Bridge to test long exposures and show her the way.

Filtres Used:
100 Lucroit Filter Holder + NISI F-Stopper PRO ( 10 stops ) + Lee GND 0.9 HE

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Like a name whispered by Snas1 by Snas1

It all boils down to the power of water and a touch of wind …

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Man and the sea by ilariapaolini by ilariapaolini