Home Within the Hills by BrandtM

Early morning scene in the Palouse Hills.

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Glacial Crystals by PatrickMarsonOng

One of those sweet-sweet morning in Jökulsárlón’s Ice Beach, Iceland. These ice crystals are formed when huge chunks of glaciers are washed out from the lagoon and bombarded by the roaring sea. During low tides, these glacial ice sit calmly along the shore where one can appreciate their complexities. Truly a sight to behold. It’s the one place that you must not miss when visiting Iceland.

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Trillium Chopped Down by eyeofalens

Trillium Chopped Down ( please view on Black for optimal Pop! )
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I couldn’t return to Oregon & not venture to Trillium again.
Most images from here are taken back further & the wider view of the lake, but quite frankly thats been done so many times it just doesn’t do it for me . Sure there are some elements in this id rather not have & could clone out, but would rather show it as it is.
Now this tree which I’m assuming was NOT done by the park services, as I simply cant imagine them chopping it like this & just leaving it. So either it was pure vanadalsim or perhaps a photographer thought it would make for a good added foreground ( No I did not chop it down ) but made use of it ! even sat on it at one point to just suck it all in.
I have managed to capture Mt Hood this time from a number of locations & one in particular I’m excited about as I don’t believe I have ever seen an image captured from before.

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This Land is Mine by DanielHerr

The puffins have arrived. I saw this one looking into the open sea in pure silence. It filled me with solitude to fall into this beauty.


Elbe Sandstone Arch by TobiasRichter

Spring 2015
Saxon Switzerland, Germany

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Himalayan Melt by pjvanschalkwyk1985

While staying in the village of Namrung along the Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal, I decided to go explore along the Buddhi Gandaki river in the early morning. I only had limited time, since we had to start our trek to the next village at around 08:00 AM , but I was lucky to find this composition in a rush.The color of the water up here is so vibrant, and seeing it while the sun was hitting the mountains in the distance was an awesome sight. Reports of the recent earthquake damage is slowly pouring in from this remote area. The people along the Manaslu and Tsum valleys are dealing with unknown death tolls, landslides and face hunger with limited clean water. Please help Nepal by donating to a reputable relief organisation when you have the chance.The damage and pain these people are facing is truly incomprehensible.

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The Moses Moment by tchebotarev

When travelling with such great guys like Iurie Belegurschi and Slava Mylnikov, you get to have a little fun while shooting landscapes. Here, Iurie poses as a Moses at Gullfoss, one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland. At least it shows you some scale of things in Iceland!

PS: It’s May 4th and there’s a bunch of snow outside and -2C. Welcome to Icelandic spring!

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Reach by npieters

I uploaded this photo before (but this is cropped differently) in different colours. These were the original colours, as I’d set my whitebalance on shadow.

Taken in Holland.

Post-processing: I changed the contrast, darkened the edges and reduced noise.

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Baptized in Red by OleHenrikSkjelstad

It wasn’t this I expected when the aurora forecast predicted northern lights last week – deep red in all its splendor.

A blend of two exposures. Iso 6400 and 30 secs for the sky and water. Iso 3200 and 100 secs for the ground.

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Per Aspera ad Astra by lightpix

Milky Way bow over hiker on Faltegartenkoepfl Tyrol, Austria.
I named the pic “Per Aspera ad Astra”‬ (through hardships to the stars) for I haven’t experienced a comparable cold bivouac the whole winter (and yes, we´ve had a few this winter season ). Pretty weird that the coldest one in winter season 2014/15 had been the first bivouac in spring. The whole equipment had been covered with frost within minutes. If I hadn´t used a “Lensheater” I would´t have been able to realize a single 30 sec shot without frost on the front lens. After one hour of shooting even my clothes had been covered with frost and after 3 hours I had to get in my expedition down sleeping bag for my toes had been completely numb. At least I have been able to realize two shots I had been thinking of for months. Only in spring the milky way has the perfect alignment for the “bow” over the hiker. In the light polluted valley you can see my home 1500m below. During my toes were coming back to “life” tinglingly and stingingly, my second camera had been shooting a timelapse sequence for the rest of the night.

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